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Best Lawn Care Services Idaho Falls

In an increasingly insecure world, keeping your home safe and secure is a top priority for most homeowners. Don’t become a target. The first step to getting your home secured is to make it unappealing to thieves in the first place. There are multiple ways to do this, but here are some of the easiest strategies for strengthening your home defense game. 

  1. Keep your house well-lit. Install timers so your porch and other exterior lights come on at night, even if you are away from home. There are also many automatic solar LEDs for outdoor use. These make it easy to light up your yard without much extra installation work or wiring. 
  2. Put valuables away. Some thieves just come to steal cars, car stereos, bikes, ladders, tools, or whatever else they can see and grab quickly. Put your valuables away after you use them, or get into the habit of walking around the house and backyard before going to bed for the night to pick up anything your family has left out. This is also a good practice for before you leave on vacation. 
  3. Get a dog. If you are thinking about getting a dog, home security might be a good reason to go for it. You don’t need a Rottweiler either (unless you really want one!). Even a small dog can bark to draw attention to people approaching your home, and attention is the last thing a thief wants. 
  4. Create the illusion of activity. Make your home look like it is occupied. There are a number of ways to present your house as though it is bustling with activity, and therefore not an inconspicuous place to burglarize. Keep a car parked in your driveway, leave a TV or radio on, or leave lights on in different rooms with windows to the street. 
  5. Enlist help. If you are going to be out of town, leave a key with a trustworthy neighbor or close friend. Have them go over at least daily to check on the house, pick up flyers off the porch, etc. If a thief sees your home with advertisements taped to the front door day after day, they will know you’re not there pulling them off. Consider creating a group text with your neighbors for a sort of digital neighborhood watch. You can keep in touch if they see something suspicious at your home, even when you are away.
  6. Hold your mail. With online shopping at an all time high, many people have online orders sitting on their porch while at work or out of town. Overflowing mailboxes and unchecked mail alert a would-be thief to the fact that you aren’t there. Go into your post office or go to to have your mail held when you go on vacation. 
  7. Install a security system. Or at least get a sign in your yard. Most new security systems will allow you to monitor your home from your smartphone. Even just a home security sign in the yard will get the point across that your home is not one to target. If you do spring for a home security system, get to know all of your system’s features so you are taking advantage of the robust security you’re paying for. If you and a neighbor both have security systems, you can coordinate to make sure dark spots at the edges of your properties are covered. 
  8. Put your yard on autopilot. One other way to deter thieves is to keep your yard in top form. Having it mowed, edged, and weeded by professionals will do several things. First, it will provide activity at the home while you are away, and second, it will make the house appear occupied and “looked after.” And as a bonus, you can come home from vacation and not have to worry about how your yard will look when you return. Nothing feels better than pulling into the driveway of your Idaho Falls home with a freshly mowed lawn. 

If you want to keep your yard looking great from spring to fall with a hard working local lawn care company, call Idaho Lawn Pros. ILP is a family-owned business operated by two brothers who strive to care for your lawn just as much as you do. Not only do we do regular mowing, trimming, and edging, we also offer dethatching and aerating, light tree and bush trimming, and spring cleanup services. ILP provides the best lawn care services in Idaho Falls, ID.