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How to prepare your lawn for your holiday

Whether you will be traveling abroad this winter or spending festive occasions at your in-laws house, there may be a lapse in your lawn care efforts, which will result in overgrowth, sparse patches of grass, and an influx of weeds. If you live in a climate where lawn care is essential during all of the seasons of the year, seek guidance through a landscaping company that provides residential services.

How To Prepare Your Lawn For Your Holiday

As the weather cools down and mowing is needed on a less frequent basis, you may be ready to put away your outdoor equipment until the following spring. Even though the growth cycle has slowed down, there are still some important steps that need to be taken, to ensure that the following year you will be presented with lush green blades of grass. Wait until all of the leaves have fallen from the trees on your property, prior to removing the leaves and mowing your yard one final time.

Avoid cutting the grass too short, since this could result in dying blades and less protection from the plummeting temperatures. Watering should be conducted, as long as it is still warm enough outside to constitute the use of a sprinkler system. A fertilizer can be applied to your lawn, to promote healthy growth. A landscaping crew will tend to your property while you are on a vacation and can aid with the removal of twigs and other debris that is on your lawn.

If you haven't been very successful with acquiring an attractive lawn, since becoming a homeowner, request information about how to prepare your lawn for your holiday. A landscaping crew will recommend products that can be used to aerate and hydrate your lawn and may suggest a specific type of fertilizer that is designed to be used on the grass variety that is growing on your land.

Knowing how to care for your lawn while on holidays will help you retain your focus on an upcoming trip, without worrying about returning and discovering that your property looks neglected and is in need of a lot of care.

Caring For Your Lawn While Decorating For The Holidays

Thanks giving and Christmas are two holidays when people tend to decorate their property, to showcase the condition of a lawn or the exterior of a home. Decide what type of theme you will be using and the amount of detail that will be added to your land. For a classic look, choose light strands that contain clear bulbs and some garland and evergreens, to complement the lights.

For a more dramatic approach, use multiple light strands that contain bulbs that are different colors, gourds, seasonal flowers that are in pots,hand-painted signs and cut outs, and three-dimensional figures. Rake up and bag leaves, mow and aerate the lawn, and purchase landscaping supplies that canbe used during your decorating efforts. Research the best lawn care services in holiday plans that you will be executing, to gain assistance with resolving anissue that pertains to the condition of your lawn.

Lawn care specialists may advise you on where to secure decorations, so that they do not hinder the growth of grass, shrubs, or trees. Living plants should not be smothered and weight loads should be minimal, if decorations will be suspended from branches.

The best lawn care services in holiday decorating efforts will not only help you maintain the health of your lawn, but will also make sure that you accentuate your property in a favorable manner. Once the holidays have passed, remove the decor and inspect your lawn, to determine if any landscaping efforts need to be made, to restore the appearance of your property.