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Lawn Care Tips for First-Time Homeowners

If you are a new homeowner and recently moved into a residence that is situated in a small community, you may be contemplating how to utilize your property. Your New Homeowner's Guide To Lawn Care can help you acquire a that lawn exhibits your responsible nature and minimize pest infestations, weed growth, and irregular grass patterns that could alter the welcoming appearance that you are attempting to attain.

Dethatching And Aerating

When you first step outdoors, you may notice that the grass isn't growing evenly or maybe there are some patches that seem to be slightly healthier than others. When dying blades are placed on top of fresh grass, moisture and air aren't able to penetrate in the manner they would if this extra layer is not present.

Loose blade pieces are typically a result of a previous mowing session, but can also occur when weather conditions result in dry, dying blades of grass. The material that lays on top of a lawn is often referred to as thatching. Some important Lawn Care Tips for your First Home include having your property dethatched and aerated. A team of landscapers will remove the dying grass and will add nutrients to your lawn, which will aid in healthy new growth.

Light Trimming Of Shrubs And Trees

Your New Homeowner's Guide To Lawn Care should include the addition of new foliage and the maintenance of plants and trees that are already growing on your property. Assess your property, to determine the design scheme of the foliage that is present and ways for you to incorporate new plants or trees, to attain the atmosphere that you desire.

If you enjoy shaded areas and the property lacks large trees or ones that will mature to be a large size, consult with your landscapers about the upgrades that you desire. You will be directed to purchase specific varieties, which are native to the region that you live in and that will be relatively easy to care for. Your landscapers will perform routine trimming and pruning sessions and these maintenance techniques will aid in keeping the foliage healthy throughout each season.

Overgrowth can block the sun's rays and result in a bush or a tree not receiving the nutrients needed to maintain its lush appearance. In addition to trimming, request information about pest control. Since some foliage is prone to frequent pest infestations, being able to ward off insects that could malnourish a favorite shrub or tree is essential.

Routine Mowing And Weed Elimination

Routine mowing and weed elimination is the key to acquiring a healthy lawn that is attractive. If the previous property owners didn't pay much attention to their lawn or if they placed heavy items on top of the grass, you may notice that there are bare patches in some parts of your yard and overgrown sections that contain weeds in other parts of your yard.

Identifying weeds can be tricky and if you have never cared for a lawn before, it is best to leave the treatment process in the hands of team members who offer residential and commercial Lawn Care Idaho Falls, Idaho. During a mowing and weed elimination session, grass blades will be inspected and insecticides or nutrients may be applied to your lawn. If weeds are dense and there are many varieties growing in a specific part of your yard, a treatment process may involve the use of an herbicide.

After an herbicide is administered, dead weeds will be uprooted and removed from your property. If the removal of weeds has resulted in sparse sections of grass remaining, your landscaping crew may request that additional grass seed is planted. During the growing process, watering your lawn will be essential. Once your lawn is manicured and deemed healthy, feel free to use the space during recreational occasions and add some decorative items to specific areas, to promote your personality.