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Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Small backyards provide big opportunities for garden enthusiasts to show off their green thumb. Choosing the right landscape requires minimum planning with major rewards. Doing your research ahead of time helps you choose the right plants for your budget, time commitment, and area. Whether you want to container garden or put roots in the ground, everyone can garden in their backyard. Create a beautiful landscape with some of these small backyard landscaping ideas.

Pollinator Garden Backyard ideas for small yards

A garden with plants hand-chosen to nurture the bees and butterflies is a winning choice. Migratory birds such as humming birds may even visit your garden if you are in their flight path. Pollinators love fragrant flowers, which can vary from ground covers, to wild flowers, to trees.

Researching what types of butterflies live in your area and their favorite flowers will help you to attract them to your garden. Bees will pollinate many types of flowers. For a pollinator garden, it is imperative that you do not use pesticides or even many kinds of fertilizers, as this will be a food source for delicate animals. Organic fertilizers or even your home compost will be fine to feed them

Herb Garden

Herb gardens are probably the best choice for people who are short on space but want a landscaping plan that will impress all of their dinner guest.

Having a mix of annual and perennial herbs means that you can have home grown herbs any time of year. Rose mary in particular can be found any where from the tropics to the more alpine climates. The grow zone that you live in plays a big role inthe type of herbs that you can have. However, many are adapted to a wide rangeof climates.

Some ideasfor your herb garden include

  • mustard
  • basil 
  • oregano
  • fennel
  • dill
  • thyme
  • marjoram

A green house can help you grow more sensitive herbs like ginger or turmeric.Herbs provide nutrition and flavor to every meal, and they typically grow quite fast. You can have a great harvest at the end of a season, and then be ready to plan your next herb garden.

If you live in an area that is prone to frost, you may consider an outdoor container herb garden. Herbs are typically smaller in stature and can do just fine with the right sun, water, and attention.

Exotic trees are also a good option. Consider:

  • cinnamon
  • kefir lime
  • bay

Native Plants

Every area has indigenous plants that thrive right where they are planted. There are many benefits to cultivating native plants in your small backyard landscape. Native plants are low maintenance, as they evolved to live in the area. They are also non-invasive so you are building the eco system.

Native plants do not require fertilizers or pesticides, which makes it perfect if you are embracing the eco-friendly, organic lifestyle.

Birds,pollinators, and other animals also need the native plants in order to survive.With careful planning, you may be able to create your own backyard oasis for wildlife as well as for your family to enjoy.

Native plants require minimum upkeep. They don’t need to be mowed, and can help to improve the air quality or reduce air pollution. Help preserve bio diversity and give your backyard a touch of natural beauty by incorporating native plants into your backyard landscaping.

Fruit Forest

Nearly every climate can accommodate beautiful fruit trees. Backyards of any size can have room for a fruit tree to blossom and thrive. The fruit trees add value to your home, and you can have fresh fruit in season right outside your door!

If you don’t want to plant the trees in the ground, which is preferred, you can still create an amazing landscape with large pots. You can water them by hand or use a drip line. Trees need a lot of water when you first put them in the ground. After, their roots establish and if they are native or naturalized, they may do just fine on your sprinkler schedule or with the seasonal rains. Be sure to plant the trees an appropriate distance apart so they can be fruitful and grow to their full potential.

Ask your local garden fruit trees they recommend. Network with your master gardener’s education center to learn about the best varieties, and maybe score a tree at aplant sale.

The shade under the fruit trees creates ideal conditions for seasonal flower or vegetable gardens. Many plants do best in partial shade, and the layering effect createsa sustainable layout that can yield a surprising amount of fresh fruits and vegetables.

These four small backyard landscaping ideas are a great starting point to a small backyard landscaping makeover. Gardening is an affordable and rewarding hobby that gives back to you and your community. Happy planting!