Mowing and Trimming

Mowing and Trimming

Idaho Lawn Pros offers Mowing and Trimming services in Idaho Falls. We guarantee that your lawn will look better than it ever has before! Our weekly mowing and trimming services keep your lawn looking fresh and maintained all through the spring, summer and fall months.

Improved Color — It is no secret that we all want to have the GREENEST grass on the block. We can help you make that a reality. From our many years of experience in lawn care, we know exactly how to achieve this for you in a simple and an affordable manner.

Improved Water Retention — Properly nourished lawns will utilize their water far more effectively. This way you can have the green lawn you want without the need to overwater.

Thatch Reduction — Too much lawn thatch creates a favorable environment for pests and disease. It also makes for a difficult environment for healthy grass to thrive. We’ll get rid of the unnecessary thatch in your yard and keep it looking clean and healthy all year round.

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